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Christopher J. Stobie

Team Leader

Featured Full Team of Cloud Services Specialists

Christopher J. Stobie

DevOps Engineer and Software Developer

Chris is a seasoned principal DevOps engineer with several years of experience building and managing applications. Formerly the director of DevOps/SRE at an AI company, Veritone, in Costa Mesa, CA, and a solutions architect at AWS.

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Engineering Experience

15+ Years

Derrick Shields

DevOps Engineer and Developer

Derrick is a senior programmer with extensive experience in software architecture and development. He specializes in cloud architecture and designing and writing cloud-native and enterprise-grade software applications. He is proficient in over a dozen programming languages, including Java, Node.js, and C#, with extensive DevOps CI/CD and IT experience.

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Engineering Experience

16+ Years

Bridget Emenim

Cloud Architect

Bridget is a forward-thinking cloud architect with implementation experience, cloud computing, and security expertise in cloud environments. She provisioned over 300 AWS workspaces for a client's offshore employees at the start of the pandemic saving millions of dollars and implemented high availability and fault tolerance to automatically scale up to thousands of servers on demand.

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Johnson & Johnson

Engineering Experience

13+ Years



Cloud Services

Accelerate cloud adoption and transformation with Toptal's cloud services specialists, ready to collaborate with your organization to support your needs for full-scale business modernization.

Cloud Business Office & Governance

Meet business goals by developing solid business cases, effective governance and control, and the guardrails and metrics needed to stay on a quick, safe, and cost-effective path.

Cloud Platform Enablement

Establish a cloud platform as the cornerstone for cloud operations. A solid infrastructure ensures applications and data rest on strong foundations that are secure, resilient, and keep costs under control.

Application Migration & Modernization

Manage cloud migration costs and meet timelines with the right mix of cloud application migration and modernization that leverages efficient processes and automation tools.

Cloud Operations & DevOps

Maximize cloud investments by bridging skills gaps in your staff expertise to use DevOps and cloud operations — the big new skills, tools and processes required for cloud migration.

Cloud Security & DevSecOps

Protect valuable customer data/IP assets and avoid legal issues with secure cloud operations through resilient architecture, efficient DevSecOps processes, cyber detection and remediation.

Native Cloud Development

Leverage serverless computing, microservices, AI and the machine learning capabilities of native cloud development for fast, lower cost and innovative ways to reach and delight customers.


Cloud Services Solutions That Deliver Value

From services to team augmentation—Toptal has the right model for your business and project needs.

How Toptal’s Advisory and Consulting Works

Partner with our team to receive full advisory and consulting services to outline clear solutions to solve your business and technology challenges.


Define Problem

A leader from our team will work with you to understand your goals and assess your business challenges.

Develop Analysis

We’ll develop the best approach to achieve your goals and solve your business challenges.

Design Solution

We’ll deliver a clear solution and provide comprehensive advice on how to best execute and implement.

Collaboration that works

How to Work with Toptal for your Cloud Services Needs

Toptal matches you directly with global specialists from our network in hours—not weeks or months.


Talk to a Cloud Services Lead

A leader from our team will work with you to understand your goals, technical needs, and team dynamics.

Get the Perfect Solution

From full end-to-end delivery to team augmentation—choose the best model for your business and project needs.

The Right Fit, Every Time

Work with Toptal’s Cloud Services team on a trial basis (pay only if satisfied), ensuring that your needs are ultimately met.

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Explore Insights From the Cloud Services Field

Read the latest articles and resources to keep you current on emerging trends in business cloud services, cloud skills and expertise, capabilities support, and more.

CloudI: Bringing Erlang's Fault-Tolerance to Polyglot Development

Clouds must be efficient to provide useful fault-tolerance and scalability, but they also must be easy to use. CloudI (pronounced "cloud-e" /klaʊdi/) is an open source cloud computing platform that is most closely related to the Platform as a Service (PaaS) clouds. CloudI differs in a few key ways, most importantly: software developers are not forced to use specific frameworks, slow hardware virtualization, or a particular operating system. By allowing cloud deployment to occur without virtualization, CloudI leaves development process and runtime performance unimpeded, while quality of service can be controlled with clear accountability.
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Michael Truog
Verified Expert in Engineering

Michael is a distributed systems and fault tolerance expert, having worked with AT&T, E*Trade, Nokia and others.

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Toptal Research

Toptal Research

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In-depth analysis and industry-leading thought leadership from a panel of Toptal researchers and subject matter experts.

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TJ Urglavitch

Cloud Practice Lead

TJ Urglavitch is the Practice Director for Cloud Services at Toptal, dedicated to helping companies overcome challenges in their cloud transformation journey. With over 10 years of experience in the hosting and Cloud Services industry, TJ is a passionate technology leader.
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